2018 Elsevier Foundation Green & Sustainable Chemistry Challenge – Top 5

We’re proud to announce the top 5  contestants, who will join the the Green and Sustainable Chemistry Conference (13-16 May 2018, Berlin, Germany) and will pitch their proposals to the scientific jury.

  • Alessio Adamiano. phos-FATE: Empowering fishing communities for climate change

Alessio Adamiano is a researcher for the Italian National Research Council (CNR) at the Institute of Science and Technology for Ceramic Materials (www.istec.cnr.it). He is obsessed with three things: food, science and the environment. Nothing is wasted in his kitchen. He focused his PhD on Environmental Science, primarily thermal extraction of chemicals from protein rich biomass residues, then explored the effect of climate change on coral population in the Mediterranean Sea. Over the last five years, Alessio has been investigating the applications of calcium phosphate materials as regenerative and nano-medicine. His project ‘RECOVER’ on the transformation of fishery by-products into valuable biomedical products alongside Drs. C. Piccirillo and M. Iafisco, was awarded by the Italian Ministry of Agricultural, Food and Forestry Policies because of its contribution to society and the environment.

  • Akhmet Kartay. Cultivation of microalgae biomass through biofixation of CO2

Akhmet Kartay is completing his studies at the Kazakh-British Technical University, Kazakhstan. He and his team members started studying and working on microalgae with the support of Dr. Beisen Donenov.

  • Jyotirmoy Mandal. A Green Chemical Pathway to Make Selective Solar Absorbers

Jyotirmoy Mandal is a doctoral candidate at the Department of Applied Physics and Applied Mathematics at Columbia University in New York, and specializes on developing optically selective surfaces for energy and environmental applications. As a researcher, Jyoti’s focus has been on creating technologies that are novel but inexpensive, and have a high potential for application in emerging countries.

  • Manuel Palencia. Biomass-plastic: Eco-friendly structural materials

Manuel Palencia is associate professor of Department of Chemistry of Universidad del Valle (Colombia), and Director of Research Group in Science with Technological Applications (GI-CAT). He is chemist of Universidad de Cordoba (Colombia) and Doctor in Chemical Science of Universidad de Concepción (Chile). His main research fields are polymers, soils, membranes and nanotechnology; his work has been centered in the development and application of materials, processes and systems in diverse field as agricultural, biomedical materials, treatment of water, removal of pollutants and analytical sciences.

  • Prajwal Rajbhandari. Guava leaves as natural preservatives for farmers of Nepal

Prajwal Rajbhandari is president at Research Institute for Bioscience & Biotechnology (RIBB), which he co-founded in 2011 to work on natural bioresources of Nepal. He has completed his M.S. by Research in Biotechnology on a sandwich program between Kathmandu University and Institute of Biomolecule Reconstruction (iBR), Sun Moon University, Republic of Korea. His specialization is in molecular biology and worked on production of modified antibiotics and their bioactivities during masters program. Currently, he leads the research team at Department of Biomass and Bioenergy at the institute. Mr. Rajbhandari is the co-founder of Talk Biotech Forum, a platform to share and discuss research activities, ideas and knowledge among students and biotech enthusiasts.