Technology for Development

We recognize that technological solutions are increasingly playing a role in helping the world solve some of the world’s greatest challenges. The Elsevier Foundation is working to develop a new program area which will harness the power of technology and big data for good.  Our goal is to support projects enabling data scientists to contribute their skills to tackle some of the toughest issues outlined by the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Supporting African entrepreneurs to develop home-grown innovations for health: this is the goal of Innovate for Life, an initiative launched by Amref Flying Doctors.  With a grant of $50,000, The Elsevier Foundation is proud to support Amref’s goal to help early-stage entrepreneurs developing novel technological solutions. The Fund aims to bridge the gap between African entrepreneurs and international investors by offering deep subject matter knowledge, strong networks and access to funding.

We value big data and the solutions it can power to benefit humanitarian work worldwide. DataKind has received a partnership grant of $75,000 to develop one high-impact DataCorps Disaster Relief and two DataDives projects in London. The programs engage data science and social sector experts on projects addressing critical Sustainable Development Goals needs and investigate how data science can be applied to solve some of the world’s biggest challenges. Through the partnership, DataKind can increase impact, scale technologies and reach new communities, as well as the world’s leading data scientists.

Technology for Development News

New Investment Fund for African Entrepreneurs in Health care

May 29th, 2017

Amsterdam, May 19, 2017: PRESS RELEASE Amref Health Africa, Africa’s leading health organisation launched an investment fund focused on the […]

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